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5 Unexpectedly awesome LEGO creations

LEGO is well available around the world for constructing creative things out of it. It is used by people across all age groups to let their creative juices flow. There are LEGO Packs, which when assembled enable you to build a monument from the 7 Wonders of the world, while there are other packages that allow you to build your own structure.

Playing with LEGO is enjoyed by children, adults, and also elderly people. It is like a fun-at-home concept enjoyed by people. The flexibility and openness of LEGO has enabled people to create amazing and awesome structures, which are admired by people in the other parts of the planet. Let us take a look at some very creative and memorable LEGO creations.

  1. The Vintage Polaroid Camera: This creation completely emulates the vintage Polaroid camera. The colourful dashes in the base of black and white are used for colouring the camera. The shape is accurate and the buttons are also created from LEGO. The look is amazing. What is more exciting is that it also ejects a photo.
  2. The Hallway Fight Scene from Inception: What a brilliant idea is it to put the iconic scene from Inception to freeze by assembling it up with few LEGO pieces! This is exactly what is done by an enthusiast. He has prepared the room and sprung the human beings similar to the way it was done in the film sequence. The setup looks surreal and is like a memorabilia for Inception enthusiasts.
  3. A Mac Classic with a Card Slot: The old classic MAC has also been emulated in LEGO. With so many new models in the market, the legacy MAC had lost its significance. However, this creative person has put down MAC design in LEGO pieces, which is very similar. It also has a floppy disk slot, which looks quite cool. The piece is actually very nice and can be used by people for various purposes. Moreover, the piece looks fantastic in any form of its use.
  4. Broken iPod: The iPod revolution affected millions. Soon, the iPhone was launched, which had all the features of the iPod. The legacy and the original iPod were taken and the design was made using LEGO pieces. However, there was a minor difference; the LEGO iPod was broken. It depicted the iPod broken into 2 pieces and nuts & bolts coming out from the inside. The structure is a master-piece and is done neatly with perfection.
  5. A Fast Food Combo Meal: One foodie took LEGO to the next level by making a LEGO model in the form of a fast-food combo meal. Burgers, fries, and ketchup are all created using relevant LEGO pieces. Just hold yourself from biting this burger and get a real one from the food store.

Well, these are just some of the most wonderful LEGO creations. It is interesting to see where the creativity of people takes the LEGO world to.

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